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Awful People


Preorder. Releasing February 2024. First 50 preorders will be signed by the author.

When a secret government agency called the Federal Paranormal/Psychological Investigation Bureau, whose soul purpose is to funnel money to defense contractors until the next war, accidentally discovers a telepath who can create undead rage-monsters from violent acts, they set out to recreate the circumstances which made it possible. Awful People follows a group of friends as they live out the moments that lead each one of them to being kidnapped and housed thirty stories underground forced to reconfront the craziest day of their lives ten years later. Dirty, real, absurd, funny, and horrific, Awful People is a reunion novel in a meat-grinder where likable people are harder to find than what it means to be a human today.

“Awful people is a novel about history and addiction and unending pain and pasts that never go away and bombing during stand up and viral YouTube videos and secret government buildings in Madison, WI. This is a novel about all those things and a lot more and it’s really fucking good.”

—Graham Irvin: Author of Liver Mush