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Consumption and Other Vices


a novel by Tyler Dempsey
76 pages
Preorder, available May/early June

Bloomington. A town where on the surface nothing really happens. Where men at the diner never flip the page of the paper held in front of them. Where pointer fingers rise from the steering wheel of every passing car. Finds itself irrevocably changed after two of its own wind up dead. But, Detective Andrews and partner Shupbert know what it takes to dig deep. Like their lives depend on it. A whirlwind of drugs, deception, sex, and an unusual dark energy lurks below the surface of this quaint town, and it’s a race against the clock to catch our killer before the walls of their sanity crumble down. A supernatural whodunit told in a vignette-style at breakneck speed, Consumption & Other Vices, will leave you gasping for breath, checking the locks on your house at night.