The Sun Still Shines on a Dog's Ass, Alan Good


Signed by the author.

Here are nine new stories by Alan Good, author of The War on Xmas. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, occasionally a little of both, the stories in The Sun Still Shines on a Dog's Ass never seem to go where they're supposed to. Each story presents its own cast of weirdos and screwups for whom nothing ever seems to work out right except for those rare occasions when it does. People will toss around the word satire, as if that's a word with any real meaning, but despite all the absurdity and humor in these stories what they're mostly all about is love. What you'll do for love. What love will do to you. They're also a little bit about what the brain-poisoned sad cases who join death squads and phallus cults will do to you, if they get the chance. There's also that. Irreverent, bizarre, heart-breaking, and hilarious, this book is pretty much what you'd expect from a writer whose literary heroes are Kurt Vonnegut, Edward Abbey, Charles Portis, Paul Beatty, and Jerome K. Jerome.